What we offer:

What to bring with your kitty: 

Any medications your cat is currently receiving and specific instructions for the medications.

Any special food with instructions

on feeding quantities.

A bed or blanket which smells like home can help your kitty settle in, although we have lots of beds and blankets which can be provided.

All boarding kitties need to be up-to-date with the F3 vaccination and provide a signed vaccination certificate at admission. 

It is preferable that your cat has received a preventative flea and worming treatment, we can also provide this on admission

for a small fee. 

All cats are looked after 24 hours a day 7 days a week with twice daily vet checks for all guests by a registered Veterinarian who lives on site.

Only 5 minutes from the Perth airport for convenient drop off and pick up.

Cats only!!

We run by appointment only. Please contact us if you would like to make a booking.

Our cattery is no ordinary boarding cattery we only take  very small numbers of guest ensuring lots of one on one time, attention to detail, patience, loving care and unlimited affection.

We provide private condos with private clean en suite facilities. 

​Litter is fully changed after every toilet stop.

The condos are temperature controlled with one-way air flow, completely indoors so cold or hot weather, insects and allergies are no issue.

All kitties boarding have access to a large play area with a fun cat maze for extended periods of time every day at no extra charge.

We are happy to make home cooked meals made fresh daily if required.

We have premium food available or you can bring what your kitty is used to having at home.

We can provide blood glucose checks for diabetics and give medications with a registered Veterinarian on site. 

Cats can be pampered with nail trims, brushing and removing of mats. 

Flea, heart worm, intestinal worm treatments are available. ​